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These Beginner-Friendly Sex Toys Are the Gift That Keeps Giving

The festive season is upon us, and chances are you have a lot of shopping to do. Vibrators don’t usually come to mind as a go-to stocking filler, but hear us out. Sex toys are a gift people will actually use and enjoy year-round — they’re fun and thoughtful, and they encourage your loved ones to celebrate their own pleasure. Your kinky friends, a partner, or a loved one in a long-distance relationship may especially love a brand-new toy.

Gifting a sex toy certainly requires a level of tact. In general, you should give sex toys or accessories to people you know will enjoy and appreciate the sentiment rather than take a gamble and risk offending someone. If you can, talk to your partner, loved one, or friend before the investment to make sure it’s a welcome gift.

When shopping for sex toys as a gift, it’s all about the basics: quality and usability. Unless you know your loved one really well, it’s a good rule of thumb to give a reliable, versatile sex toy that can speak to a range of sexual interests rather than a super-niche toy that may not have wide appeal. You’ll find a range of options ahead, including vibrators, gender-neutral toys, and travel-friendly options.

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